Visiting Professors and Scholars
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In 2006, Professor Jack Schuster, Fulbright Fellow from Claremont University worked on the preparation of a proposal to create a sub-field in the study of Higher Jewish Education with particular potential for the University of Haifa, and also explored ways to lay the foundation for the mapping of academic institutions that offer Judaic Studies worldwide, differentiating between programs of research and teaching within institutions and between higher education institutions that are Jewish in auspices.

Dr. Diane Tickton-Schuster, of Hebrew Union College, Los-Angeles, has documented findings in the area of adult Jewish learning. She has written extensively about emerging themes in this field, co-authored publications with other pioneers in this field such as Steven M. Cohen and Meredith Woocher in the groundbreaking study of the Florence Melton Adult Mini-School: A Journey of Heart and Mind: Transformative Jewish Learning in Adulthood, and published the book Jewish Lives, Jewish Learning: Adult Jewish Learning in Theory and Practice where she addresses professionals in the Jewish community who strive to help adults to have quality Jewish learning experiences.

Through her appointment as visiting scholar for the Center, Dr. Schuster has researched the area of adult Jewish learning in various formal and informal educational settings in Israel and, together with Dr. Lisa Grant of Hebrew Union College, presented this pioneering area of research in the Center's first meeting of the Haifa Forum for Professional Development in Jewish Education.  

Professor Samuel Edelman, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Judaism Los Angeles, acted as the head of the Jewish Studies Consortium in California State University, at Chico. Prof. Edelman visited in the spring of 2002 when he participated in the International conference on research in Jewish Education, sponsored jointly by the Israeli Association for Research in Jewish Education and the Network for Jewish Education based in North America and coordinated by the Center for Jewish Education.  During his visit, Prof. Edelman explored the creation of a program to prepare a foundation for Jewish education in the California State University System.