Conferences & Events
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  • The Center for Jewish Education, in conjunction with the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, convened an international research workshop on Jewish Education in the Early Years from June 20-23 .This pioneering gathering began at the University of Haifa with a keynote given by Yusef Waghid, Professor of Philosophy of Education at the University of Stellenbosch of South Africa, and was co-sponsored by the Program of Early Childhood Education at our Faculty of Educatin Read More...

    Hanan Alexander addresses the Senate of the ASUC in Berkeley . On the 16th of April the Senate of the Association for Students at the University of California in Berkeley - in which Professor Hanan Alexander was a guest lecturer – voted  on whether to uphold or cancel the veto of the divestment bill initiated by the campus student association. The divestment action called for a general boycott against U.S. companies  that sell arms to Israel. The contents of Alexander’s address is attached here .

  • April 2010 - In conjunction with the Center for the Study of Law and Society of Berkeley Law at the University of California, The Center for Jewish Education conducted a conference on Israel as a Jewish and Democratic State: Challenges and Perspectives. Among the guest lecturers were Professors Mordechai Kremnitzer and Ruth Gavison of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Program
  • July 2007 - The University of Haifa sponsored the 9th annual conference of the Israeli Association for Research in History of Education and Archives of Jewish Education in Memory of Avieser Yellin.  The conference was a joint collaboration of the Jaime and Joan Constantiner School of Education of Tel-Aviv University, and of the Faculty of Education, School of History, and Center for Jewish Education, of the University of Haifa and was entitled: History and Education in Conflicted Society Program (hebrew)
  • February 2007 - The Von-Hugel Institute of  St. Edmund's College in conjunction with the Center for Jewish Education of the University of Haifa, conducted a three day closed conference on Commitment, Character and Citizenship: Exploring Religious Schooling in Liberal Democracies, at St. Edmund's College, in Cambridge. The conference was held in memory of beloved colleague Professor Terry McLaughlin of St. Edmund's College and University of London Read more.....
  • May 2005 - Together with the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, the Center held an international conference on Education for Citizenship in Conflicted Societies. (Read More )
  • March 2004 - the Center conducted a one day seminar on Character and Educational Leadership hosting an international keynote lecturer and leading figures in the Israeli educational system.
  • June 2004 - Together with the Jewish Agency Department of Education, an international workshop on Education for Jewish "Peoplehood" was convened.
  • July 2003 – In partnership with the Frankel Center for Jewish Family Education, the Center organized an international conference on Jewish Family Education.
  • June 2002 - In collaboration with the Melton Center of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the Center hosted an international conference on Research in Jewish Education, sponsored jointly by the Israeli Association for Research in Jewish Education and the Network for Jewish Education based in North America
  • June 2001 - The Center sponsored a conference on Children's Spirituality in cooperation with England's Children and World Views Project. In addition, the Center ran workshops  dealing with research in Jewish and spiritual education at UCLA and Brandeis University
    The Center periodically sponsors one day seminars: 
  • Two of these were co-sponsored by Haifa's Shaanan College of Education, one on teaching prayer in the religious school system and the other on dealing with the impact of the Gender Revolution on Israeli Orthodox education.