Professional Development
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•    Haifa Forum for the Professional Development in Jewish Education

The purpose of the Forum is to bring together educational leaders across the north of Israel in an ongoing and collegial deliberation about current issues in research and practice in Jewish Education.

In May of 2006, Dr. Diane Tickton-Schuster and Dr. Lisa Grant of Hebrew Union College, presented the pioneering sphere of " Adult Development and Adult Learning: Emerging Themes in Jewish Education", through its success came the expressed interest in continuing this impromptu to which the Center has responded in the way of a yearly series whereby Jewish educators in the north of Israel may meet and deliberate together on various shared aspects of Jewish education and concerns. November 2006 marked the opening meeting for academic year 2006-2007, and honorary guest speaker; Mr. Alan Hoffman, General-Manager of the Jewish Zionist Education Department of the Jewish Agency for Israel in Jerusalem.  

•    Certificate Course on the Study of Community Volunteerism

In the spirit of the University's policy on social responsibility and commitment to society, the Center has contributed to the development of those serving the community on a daily basis.

Together with Haifa's Volunteer Council, in the years 2005 – 2006, the Center operated a certificate program for those in leading and responsible positions in non-profit organizations serving the Haifa region.

The course included weekly classes for the duration of one year, and following the enthusiastic results of its first class, was extended to an additional year. It provided essential training for the staffs of organizations as well as enrichment classes in selected areas of interest and relevance. Towards the course's conclusion, field trips to visit a selected group of organizations inside Haifa, were organized and conducted.

•    Boston-Haifa Cooperation Forum for Principals of Elementary and High-   School Education  
Since 1998, the Center has run professional development programs for school principals concerning Jewish identity funded by Boston's Combined Jewish Philanthropies under the auspices of the Boston-Haifa Connection.  

Dr. Esti Yankelowitz  ran the Haifa-Boston Partnership and the Jewish Education Center at the University of Haifa have operated programs for principals and leading teams in schools that have formal relationships with parallel schools in Boston. The aim of this program was to enable its participants to hear and be heard on the subject of their hands-on experience in the field and as an active member of Haifa-Boston relationship. The intended program conducted meetings on a once a month basis, familiarizing participants with various topics such as the history of the Zionist Movement in the Jewish community in the United States in general and in Boston in particular. The Jewish educational system in Boston was studied, with an emphasis on the relationships between communities in the United States and those in Israel, whereby both academic aspects and practical considerations were combined, and practical suggestions offered for ongoing and/or new projects.