Research Projects
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In conjunction with the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, in 2011 two new research groups have been created. The first group is an international research group that addresses the area of Jewish Education in the early years. Led by Ms. Shelley Alexander, the group has met on a regular basis via international telephone conferencing and culminated in a pioneering  international workshop conducted in Haifa and Jerusalem respectively. The group has explored contemporary critical issues pertaining to the field, and may develop into an early education mentoring program in the next academic year. The second group has dealt with Bible teaching and was coordinated by Dr. Iris Yaniv. On a monthly basis, this group met to explore and identify areas that have proved challenging when teaching Bible education in the framework of junior and high schools within the public school sector. 

As a result of the Citizenship international conference, in January 2006 the Center, together with the Van-Leer Jerusalem Institute, established a two-year research group on citizenship education in Israel. The group, hosted by the Van-Leer Jerusalem Institute and chaired by Prof. Hanan Alexander and Dr. Halleli Pinson, brings together nine researchers from different institutions and with diverse expertise. It includes: Dr. Gal Levi, Dr. Mouhamad Massalha, Dr. Yael Ofarim, Dr. Clara Sabag, Haggit Gor, Hillel Werman and Hagit Hartaf. The aims of the group are; a) to create a conceptual framework for academic research on citizenship education and to establish it as a field of research; b) to map and describe main trends and characteristics of citizenship education in Israel across different educational sectors; c) to explore the different perceptions, tensions and challenges, underlying different practices of citizenship education in Israel. Currently the group working on a project exploring the ways in which teachers perceive aims of citizenship education and their role as teachers.